Buying Vehicles: New Consumer Protection

Beginning December 31, 2011, Manitoba car dealers must provide consumers with information about a vehicle’s history.  This includes information such as: prior damage by fire or flood, former use as a taxi, police car or rental car or whether it was written off or had significant repairs done.

This information has to be clearly written in the sales contract and you should be told about it before you sign.

Consider buying from a registered dealer.

Avoid curbsiders – imposters who pose as private individuals but are actually in the business of selling damaged or defective cars to unsuspecting consumers.

Private citizens selling their own vehicle are not required to disclose information about the vehicle’s history.

Buying from a registered dealer provides increased consumer protection.

If you have any questions about consumer protection when buying a vehicle, please contact the Consumer Protection Office at 945-3800 in Winnipeg; tool free in Manitoba at 1-800-782-0067; or via email at