The Mazda Way

Few car companies have the vision to look beyond the obvious and tap into unseen potential. Few push the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find a better way.

But one does. Mazda.

On the road or around the track, we dare to do what others deem impossible, impractical or even unthinkable. From bold design to revolutionary engineering, we fulfill the promise of an extraordinary driving experience.

With a world intent on consuming less energy, we blazed our own path to develop SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY that gets more from less without compromising performance. And now we have introduced i-ACTIVSENSE, an all-embracing approach to safety and i-ELOOP, a system that turns wasted braking energy into extra fuel savings.

These are actions, not words. Proof, not theories.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Ignore the naysayers.
  • Conform to nothing.
  • Rethink what’s possible.

The end result: A courageously engineered car that could only be called a Mazda.

That’s the Mazda way